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Should You Hire A Dog Walker?

We have zero doubts that you’re an amazing dog parent. You give him belly rubs, he gets to sleep on your bed with you, you take him out to water the grass, and you always make sure to stock up on his favourite snacks.

Sounds like you’ve got everything covered. But what happens when you need to start taking the earlier train to work because of the weather? Or when you need to stay out late for a team event? Maybe beach season is around the corner and you’d like to start putting in a few nights at the gym. Perhaps hiring a dog walker to help out isn’t such a bad idea after all.


Keeping a dog properly exercised and stimulated is super important for overall well being- don’t let him make up his own exercise routine in your apartment! Scratched floors, chewed pillows and slippers, potty accidents and barking are a few things you might come across if he decides to turn your place into a home gym. Having a dog walker come in to relieve some of that pent up energy will not only help your dog get some exercise while you’re away at work but will also leave you with a much calmer, more manageable dog to come home to in the evening.


Okay, we get it. You’re not Mr. or Mrs. Money Bags BUT we can assure you that making the investment in a proper dog walker can actually cut down costs in other areas like vet bills, having to buy special dog food for weight management, training costs, and any costs that you might incur by having a dog bouncing off the walls at home. And of course, the cost of your peace of mind!

A Proper Dog Walker

A proper dog walker is not just a person who walks dogs. If you’re going to spend money on one - make sure he or she is top notch. They should have an insured business, training/walking/first aid certifications, and you should be able to tell that their services are going to do what they promise - get your dog out there (maybe with a few of his neighbourhood friends) and get him the exercise and stimulation that he needs!

Dog Walkers are also an excellent resource to use for managing certain behaviours in your dog, we have an affinity for working with animals and we get the chance to observe a lot of dog behaviour. It’s very likely that we’ve got some great tips for you to use at home and we might be able to encourage better behaviours during our time with them.

Happy Dog Walker Hunting!

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