Solo Walk (1hr x Solo)

This is a great fit if your dog needs some 1 on 1 attention



Pack Walk (1hr x Group)

If your dog enjoys company, a group walk is best


Additional Dog Fee

Has Fido got a sibling? We'll take him/her too!



For the little ones who might not make it to EOD without a potty break.

(15min x 2/day)





away from HOME OPTIONS

House Calls (30min)

Going away for a while? Need someone to make sure your cat isn't throwing any house parties while you're gone? We can stop by to check in, put out food, and clean up their litter box.


Pet Sitting 

Going away on vacation and looking for a relaxing home away from home for Fido too?

Try Ours!   Your pooch can come home with one of our walkers while you are gone, we guarantee 3 walks/day and any other fun activities that our walkers feel your dog is well suited to.


*We accept dog sitting requests for clients who do not regularly use our walking services on a case by case basis.