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"We Walk While You Work"


FOUNDER + Trainer

Animal First Aid Certified

Kelsey Hargrave


Certified Animal Care Attendant 

Animal First Aid Certified

Cats, pigs, cattle, horses, dogs, and small animals - send them my way! I am a graduate of Sheridan's Animal Care program and I've grown up on my family farm so there isn't a point in time that I can remember where I haven't been surrounded by animals. 

In addition to dog walking, I currently work in a vet clinic so I'm a pro at getting your pooches the exercise that they need and taking charge when they are feeling under the weather. 

Clare Pajot

PACK LEADER + Photographer

Freelance Animal Photographer

Humane Society Volunteer

Critter Cab Driver

First Aid Certified

I spend a TON of my time volunteering for all things animal related.

I get to capture your pet's slightly bewildered faces when you dress them up for pictures with Santa at Christmas time. I'm also a Critter Cab driver - I help out in those awkward situations where you thought you adopted a pet pig only to find that he's grown into a full sized piggy and weighs probably twice as much as you do! It's my job to transport these critters to sanctuaries where they can continue to have a great life with the space and attention that they need. Once in a while between all of my volunteering, I like to sneak in a quick nap with my own pup. 

I love the work I do and I hope to continue partnering with companies dedicated to improving the lives of animals when I wrap up my degree!

Shireese McConkey

PACK LEADER + Social Media Manager

Cat Rescue Program Assistant

Pet Sitter

There is no other way to put it, I am a serial dog owner. I love them so much that I've had 8 so far in my life! 

Don't get me wrong though, I'm crazy about animals in general. I've had cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and I am currently the proud adoptive parent of two rats and a dog - I might add that all three of them can do a ton of tricks. 


I split my time now between volunteering as a Cat Rescue Program Assistant, Dog Walking, and completing my Marketing Degree at Sheridan. 


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